Friday, January 8, 2016

A Very Important Message

Hello.  Today, I'd like to talk about a very important issue in nature conservancy: Ancient Crab.  This gentle creature, long thought to bring good luck, is facing an uncertain future.  Due to changing ecological conditions, Ancient Crab is being forced to leave its native habitat and venture into the unknown.

Changing water levels are primarily to blame.  If no action is taken soon, we may never see Ancient Crab in the wild again.  And what kind of world would that be?

Thankfully, there is a way to help.  Raising awareness of Ancient Crab's plight is the first step.  To do so, simply place Ancient Crab in your Magic: The Gathering deck, and then use that deck in the course of regular play.  When you play Ancient Crab from your hand for the first time, take the opportunity to introduce the card and the issues surrounding this persecuted creature to the other players.  Be sure to read the flavor text out loud.

With your help, and the support of others, we can save Ancient Crab from disappearing into the history books as a mere footnote: Ancient Crab, n.  A creature said to have once inhabited the Halimar basin.  Whereabouts unknown.  The time to act is now, before Ancient Crab has faded from the public's consciousness and into the realm of obscurity inhabited by all doomed creatures.

Join us.  Help preserve Ancient Crab for future generations.  Play Ancient Crab today.

  • Cards representing Ancient Crab will be available on January 15th, midnight, at the earliest. See your local card shop for details.
  • Ancient Crab may not be legal in all Magic: The Gathering formats.  See the Wizards of the Coast sanctioned format list for more information.
  • Playing Ancient Crab in a format where it is not legal or in quantities that violate deck construction regulations should be undertaken with full knowledge of the risks involved.  Consult a sanctioned Magic: The Gathering judge for more information.
  • This message is brought to you by the Friends of Halimar Basin.

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